Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stuff to get for new Beavers

Hello All! Welcome to A Colony!

If you are new to our colony this year, this is what you need to know to start the year off right!

Beaver uniforms are available at the Scout shop on Baseline Road. Your Beaver will need a vest, hat, necker (scarf) and woggle (the little clip that holds the necker on). There are t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts for sale as well, but these are not mandatory uniform items.

Beavers will not wear their necker or woggle until they are invested into the group formally. During this ceremony, we will present the necker and woggle to your child. Therefore, when you purchase these items, you can bring them the first night and hand them to a leader and we will keep them until we present them to your child on investiture night (currently schedule for the first week of Oct).

We will provide all the badges requried and the tail for the hat.

Scout Blanket
In the past we have been lucky enough to have corporate sponsorship to provice scout blankets for all our Beavers. Uunfortunately this is no longer the case. This year we are investigating some options, but it may not be possible to provide a scout blanket for all our new Beavers. I will let you know conclusively later (our first camp fire will be in Oct). if we are unable to get sponsorship, scout blankets are also available at the Scout Shop. This is not a mandatory item to have, but most Beavers will have one and they are typically used on our camp fire evenings.

That's it! Everything else will be provided throughout the year, or you will be told if there is something special requried for any of our activities.

Have a great year at Beavers!