Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rideau Area Crest - Design Contest!

This is the old style Rideau Area Crest. They were shaped like this, to allow the diamond shaped Council crests to nest in under them. Note the water, and trees - incorporating design elements from our local geography is a great idea!
Scouts Canada uniforms underwent a major overhaul last year, mostly for the better. One of the best parts of the cool uniform newness (in my opinion) are the new iron on badges and crests.

Not only are the new badges a little more colorful, they are also a lot easier on us parents. I'll be the first to admit that the old needle and thread style sewing of crests was not my favorite past time. Well those days are gone, our new badges and crests are iron on! Most of the uniform crests that we have distributed this year, have been the new iron on style ones.

One of the last of the 'old' badges that needs to be revamped, is our Rideau Area Crest. The best part? ...... you have a chance to design the new crest! Rideau Area kicked off a design contest, open to youth and adults alike.

The new crest specifications and contest entry form, are available on our 1st Manotick Group site.

NOTE: This is not something that we will be doing together during our Colony meetings. This is something that you can do together with your beaver at home. We will be mentioning it during our meetings, so if your Beavers ask, now you know :)

We will be collecting our Colony submissions on December 18th.

Good luck!