Monday, November 30, 2009

Popcorn delivery

The Scout Popcorn orders have arrived.  I will be picking them up on Monday night and bringing them to our meeting on Tuesday Dec 1.

If you have ordered popcorn, please pick it up from me this week.  I don't have enough space in my garage to stockpile this much popcorn!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

December 1 - Music Night

Tonight we will learn about music and musical instruments.  Beavers will make one of three instruments:

1.  A shoe box guitar (brown tails)

2.  A finger piano (blue tails)

3.  A styrocello or tube guitar (white tails)

At the end we will all have a band practice!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 24 - Flight Night

Tonight we will be learning about airplanes, balloons, blimps and anything that flies! 
It should be an uplifting experience!

Popcorn Fundraiser

WOW!  Thanks to all of your hard work, the Colony received a grand total of $1232.59 from the Popcorn fundraising campaign.  This is the best year we have had for this effort, and we were the top selling section within 1st Manotick Group!

This money will allow us to provide a quality program without worrying about funding.  We should be able to expand our planning to include some more ideas that were previously put aside due to cost.  Thanks again!

The popcorn orders should be delivered to me the first week of Dec.  I am hoping to have them ready for pickup at our meeting on Dec 8.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 17 - Hand day

We will be doing lots of "hands on" activites this week!

White Tail Sleepover - Nov 13

Hi folks!

The white tails had a great time at the Science and Technology Museum at the annual White Tail Sleepover.  There were approximately 250 people there (including adults). 

We learned about electricity (a hair raising experience!), air, networking (although I think the tunnels were the highlight), space, cryogenics, trains, and lego!  And of course there was a campfire, snacks and crafts!

We slept with the boats!  The kids went to bed at 11:00pm and we woke up at 5:45am!

Here are some pictures.  I believe if you click the slideshow, it will take you to the web album where you can download any pictures you want to keep!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Voyager Council Award

1st Manotick A Colony has been awarded the Voyageur Council Commissioner's Quality Award (Gold Level) for the 2008-2009 year. 

To be eligible for the Commissioner's Quality Award, a Colony must meet the following criteria (Our effort to meet the requirements for the 2009-2010 year are in blue!):
  • The Colony maintains an average attendance of 80% at its weekly meetings.  (So far so good for this year!  We are avereaging 91% attendance.)
  • The Colony attends at least one Area or Council-wide program activity during the year (eg. Beaveree, hike, camp, sleepover)  (Done! - All Sections Activity Day - but many more are planned!)
  • The Colony participates in five field trips during the year, two of which must feature the outdoors.  (Our first feild trip to No'Chimik was cancelled due to weather.  We may need to make this up!)
  • The Colony includes a spiritual element in at least 75% of its meetings. These activities may include an opening or closing prayer, use of the promise, law and motto, a Scouter's Five, Scouts Own or participation is a special service at their place of worship.  (Done at every meeting so far!)
  • The Colony participates in Apple Day or Popcorn or Scoutrees with 75% attendance.  (50% praticipation on Apple Day - 89% particiation in Popcorn)
  • At least one member of the Leadership Team holds current Standard First Aid accreditation. (We all have the necessary accreditation)
  • The Colony maintains written, up-to-date records on attendance membership, dues and finances. (Yes we do!)
  • Colony, as a whole, participates in at least one linking activity with a Cub Pack, and Senior Beavers to participate in at least 3 additional activities with a Cub Pack. (All Section Activity Day counts - but others are planned!)
  • 50 % percent of all registered leaders have received their Wood Badge Part 1 recognition for Colony.  (7 of 8 leaders have WB1)
  • A member of the Colony Leadership Team attends all Group Committee meetings.  (So far so good)
  • The Leadership Team has a long-range (one year) program plan. A copy of the plan is presented to The Group Commissioner at the beginning of the scouting year and shall include: one fully-planned meeting, the total number of meetings and themes for the year, an indication of how responsibilities are shared at the planning meetings and methods used to ensure youth input in formulating the plan.  (Done!)
Thanks to all on the leadership team for your help and efforts in achieving this level of quality!  We are also well on our way to maintaining this level for the 2009-2010 year!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 13 - White Tail Sleepover

For our White Tail beavers who have indicated they are going to the sleepover at the Science and Technology museum, here is what you need to know:

Beavers are required to bring: 
  • Pajamas, Stuffed animal & Toiletry items
  • Sleeping Bag, Pillow and Flashlight
  • Pad to sleep on
  • Clothing
Your Beaver is NOT allowed to bring any food into the museum, and heeleys are not allowed either.  Please also leave any electronics at home.

Food for the Sleepover is:
  • Evening Snack: Rice Krispie Squares and Apple/Orange Juice
  • Breakfast: Juice, Cereal, or Muffin, Fruit (Tea/Coffee for adults)
Please feed your Beaver supper before the event and have them in full uniform. 

Arrive at the museum by 6:00pm, and come to the Group entrance.  Pick up time Saturday morning is 8:45 am.

In case of emergency, you can reach me at 613-894-6276 or you can call the Museum Emergency Phone Number: 613-991-3100.

For all the other younger beavers, this is something you can look forward to when you become a white tail!  It happens every year early November.  Keep watching, I will post some photos afterwards to let you know how much fun we had!

November 10 - Remembrance Day

Veterans' Week 2009

We will be doing lots of activities around the Remembrance Day theme this week.

Note:  Beavers are encouraged to wear their uniform to school on Wed, Nov 11.  Be sure to wear a poppy!