Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012, A look back.

So that was the first half of our Beaver year folks, we've got a quick break here and will be back with regular A Colony programming on January 8th.

Winter Beaveree 2013

Hey folks, please find below further information about the Beaveree that is fast approaching.

NOTE: I need to RSVP with numbers, and collect $5/Beaver attending in advance of the event, please let me know on the 15th if you plan on attending.


The Rideau Area Winter Beaveree
Saturday, January 26, 2013
1 PM to 4 PM

At the Greely Legion, 8021 Mitch Owens Road (Google Maps Link).

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our Colony will be participating in the Rideau Area Winter Beaveree on Saturday, January 26,
2013 from 1 PM to 4 PM at the Greely Legion. There is NO rain date, but we do have indoor facilities in case of severe inclement weather. If your Beaver wishes to attend, be sure to sign up with your Colony Leaders. Parents are welcome to participate but we ask that siblings not attend due to space limitations.

Note: Each participant is to bring his/her own mug + 1 empty tissue or shoe box!

What: Rideau Area Winter Beaveree 2013

Theme: Arctic Animal Kingdom

Where: Greely Legion - 8021 Mitch Owens Rd
(near Anderson Rd, East of Bank St.) 613-822-1451

Date: Saturday, January 26, 2013

Time: 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please arrive by 12:45 so we can gather as a group & register! Pickup time is 4:00 p.m.

Dress: Please dress for the weather, as the majority of the afternoon will be spent outside

Cost: The cost for the Beaveree is as follows and should be paid to your group representative in advance on or before January 17, 2013. We need to know how many are expected in order to purchase the correct amount for craft & snack.

  • Beavers - $5.00 (includes registration, craft, activities, and crest)
  • Accompanying Parents - $5.00
  • Extra crests are available at a cost of $2.00 each.

Food/Snack: Will be provided. In order to minimize waste we need you to please bring your own mug.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the increasing number of youth with allergies to nut products we ask you to please not bring any nut products in to the Beaveree. Parents of Youth with dietary allergies and/or concerns are responsible for what their child consumes. Address your concerns to your Colony Leaders prior to the event.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18 Meeting.

I'd like to say that it is a regular meeting in the Gym tonight, but that would not be true. It's our last meeting of 2012, so we're going to be busy!

Juice boxes and light snacks will be provided, and please do not forget to bring a pair of indoor shoes!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 11 Meeting.

Regular meeting in the Gym tonight, see you at 6|:15.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Feedback Please

Hey Folks, with an eye towards providing a fun night of meaningful programming - Our A Colony leadership team needs your feedback.

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3 Meeting.

Just a quick reminder, this week we meet tonight at the fire station. There is no meeting tomorrow night in the Gym.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rideau Area Crest - Design Contest!

This is the old style Rideau Area Crest. They were shaped like this, to allow the diamond shaped Council crests to nest in under them. Note the water, and trees - incorporating design elements from our local geography is a great idea!
Scouts Canada uniforms underwent a major overhaul last year, mostly for the better. One of the best parts of the cool uniform newness (in my opinion) are the new iron on badges and crests.

November 27 Meeting.

Regular meeting in the Gym tonight. We have a brand new Beaver to introduce to the Colony too!!

Reminder: Now that it's awesome outside, please remember to bring a *proper* pair of indoor shoes. There is plenty of space in the school foyer to change out of your boots. We have a responsibility to keep the gym clean, and the school has a standing 'no outdoor shoes' policy that applies to us too.

* By proper, please keep in mind that we try to rope off some time every week for a good old run around style game in the gym. Sloppy slide on shoes (i.e. Crocs) provide horrible grip on our gym floor - non marking sneakers are a much better choice.

See you @6:15!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20 Meeting.

Regular meeting in the Gym tonight, see you at 6:15.

As well, just to share an answer to a question that I was asked this week. Please know that parents can hang out with us in the gym to watch any of our regular meetings. If you would like to join us for one of our special activity nights, please let us know in advance - some off site events have attendance numbers booked in advance.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Station 37 Tour - December 3

Instead of our regular meeting in the Gym on December 4th, we will instead be meeting at the neighborhood fire station, for a guided tour of Station 37 on Monday night, December 3rd.

Station 37 is located at 910 Earl Armstrong Road (Google map link) which is right around the corner from St Jerome. Our tour is scheduled to run from 6:30 to 7:30. We have an attendance cap for our tour, so unfortunately parents and siblings will not be able to join us.

UPDATE: Manotick Parade

Edit (Nov. 27): Details were sent to me this morning.

We are to, "Meet at the Manotick Arena between 12:00 and 12:15 PM to decorate float(s), parade departs at 1:00 PM, return should be by 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM."

What to wear? Please dress warm. The only part of the uniform that is required is the necker. Wear your 1st Manotick necker on the outside, so that it is visible.

What to bring? Please bring something to sit on. We will have hay bales set to provide some cushioning, but nothing beats having a warm snugly blanket to keep warm for the duration of the parade.

Please, no throwing candy. In years past, it was common for folks to toss candy to the crowds from the floats. Parade organizers have requested this to stop, for the safety of participants and spectators alike.

Saturday December 1st - please hold the date. I don't have any details yet, but I believe that this is the date of the annual holiday parade in Manotick.

Every year, Scouts of all ages are invited to participate. Beavers alone fill up a couple of floats and celebrate with the entire village as Santa comes to town. I will update this post when details are shared. Ho Ho Ho.

Monday, November 12, 2012

November 13 meeting.

Regular meeting in the Gym tonight, see you at 6:15.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Badge Placement

Most Beavers have been provided with a pocketful of badges and crests over the past couple of weeks or so. This post will provide you with a guide as to what goes where on our uniform.

The only difference that you will find, is that our Group (1st Manotick) and Area (Rideau) crests, are a different size and shape. They are also not iron-on either, so you have to sew them on.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6 meeting.

Regular meeting in the Gym tonight, see you at 6:15.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quarter pole update

Hello Folks - just a quick housekeeping update as we creep up on the 1/4 mark on our Beaver calendar.

We've been pretty busy, and we've got some awesome things planned to do before our holiday break. For now, just a couple of quick bullets to keep things running smoothly.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Please Subscribe - email updates will no longer be provided

Hey Everyone - please 'subscribe' to this blog, via the form field below every post. It is hard to keep an email list current for our entire Colony .........using the blog to centralize and standardize all communications, will make for much more informed participants.

October 30th - Halloween

Last night was a lot of fun, what a Colony we have this year. This is the best we could do for a group shot, top one is dialed in ........lower one is not.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Remembrance Day - 2012

Hey Everybody, this is from an email that was routed to A Colony. It would be treat if we could participate this year, please see below for details. I'll be organizing this more as the date approaches.


1st Manotick Scouting always participates in the annual Remembrance Day service organized by the Legion in Manotick. This year November 11th is on a Sunday so there is an opportunity for all youth and leaders to take part if they wish and are available. Details are as follows:

October 23

Regular meeting tonight in the Gym tonight.

Please remember your Popcorn forms!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

White Tail Sleepover 2012

Edited November 7 For event accuracy as Colony coordination has occured:

Hello White Tails!

........For those of you who do not know, Beavers is for youth ages 5-7. Each age has a corresponding color tail that should already be attached to your beavers hat. 5 year old Beavers have brown tails. 6 year old's have blue tails, and 7 year old's have white tails. Please note that this might be your child's first year in Beavers: the tail corresponds with age, not years of service.

Periodically through the year, White Tail's are provided with some special opportunities. Linking activities for example are things that your beaver will do with a local Cub pack to provide them with a better idea of what to expect if they choose to 'swim up' into Cubs (The next level of Scouting) next year.

Something else: The annual White Tail Sleepover at the Museum of Science and Tech. This event has been a marquee event for White tails from all over Voyager Council for the past 22 years.

Our participation at the sleepover, will be in conjunction with B, C, and D Colonies - Coordinated by Robin Tarbet of B Colony. Together, we'll make sure that all of our White Tails and their parents can partake in this memorable event.

If you are a parent of one of our 3 participating white tailed beavers that is planning on attending this event, please keep your eye on your inbox for further details.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Humane Society Visit

UPDATE: We had a fantastic visit. The OHS was very grateful for our unexpected generosity, the donations were very much appreciated. Awesome night A Colony, this should speak for itself;


This week, we are going on a tour of the Humane Society! We'll be learning a little bit about animal care and about the important services that the OHS provides in our community.

The cost is $5/person. We will be providing Timbits and juice boxes for everyone after the tour. The tour starts at 6, and should wrap up at 7:30 or so.

For those who have not been, they have an awesome new facility on Hunt Club Road, clicking this link will open a new Google Maps window, that will help you get there..

Is anyone is interested in carpooling? Let me know. We could sort out a collection/drop off at St Jerome if needed, departing as a group at 5:45 or so.

The Wishlist: In their own words, "The animals at the OHS need your support; your donations of money and in-kind gifts of supplies and equipment are essential to our work in the community." .....If you or your Beaver would like to contribute anything to the OHS, please bring it along too. As a result of our Neighborhood Cleanup, we have a lot of cleaning supplies that we are going to donate. Anything else would be appreciated, but not required.

Budget update on this one too, because it cost us money to attend. We collected $90, and the OHS charged us $66. I spent $23.04 on cookies and juice boxes. The balance will be deposited in the Colony account.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Colony Lodges

Last week, we broke A Colony down into Lodges; smaller groups within our Colony that we use to organize games and activities. We may shuffle them slightly to even them out, but this is where we are as of last week.

The first task that we asked of each lodge was to pick an animal to represent them. Here are the results. Soon, each Lodge will be provided with a crest to sew onto their uniform.
  •  A Colony - Tiger Lodge
    • Joseph G.
    • Alex C.
    • Dylan A.
  • A Colony - Panther Lodge
    • Jack D.
    • Leo M.
    • Adam K.
    • Leo C.
    • Jakob P.
  • A Colony - Cougar Lodge
    • Peyton M.
    • Noah S.
    • Stuart K.
    • Gabriel N.
    • Luca C.
  • A Colony  - Snow Leopard Lodge
    • Owen C.
    • Rowan C.
    • Ethan S.
    • Noah H.

As it turns out (For the first time that I am aware) each of our 4 Lodges chose a large cat to represent them.

A Colony Popcorn - 2012

Update - Thank you everyone for the awesome Popcorn sales. A Colony sold over $1700 worth of tasty popcorn treats. Delivery will be coordinated in about the 2nd week of November. We'll update this post with details.

Investiture Campfire

Tuesday October 9th is an important date for your young Beaver, it is our 1st Manotick 2012 Beavers Investiture campfire. For those not familiar with Investiture, this link will explain what to expect. We plan to arrive at 6PM, and want to get the ceremony underway by 6:30.. We'll be done at 7:30, and will provide a hot chocolate and a snack for the walk back to the car (Please bring a mug!).

We'll be outside (Hopefully, if it rains we'll reschedule), and all three 1st Manotick Beaver Colonies will be in attendance......there should be close to 60 Beavers taking part.

The event will happen at Camp No'Chimik. If you have never been to No'Chimik, it is located about 10 minutes south of Manotick at 5943 Second Line Road (Google Maps link). Here is a PDF prepared by a local Scouts troop that will get you there too (Note: Driving from Riverside South will not start from Hunt Club, instead you will head through Manotick and connect to Bankfield or Century Roads). If it helps, This link will provide Google Map directions from Moncion's to No'Chimik.

TIP: There is a "Scouts Canada" sign on the 3rd lane past the bridge over the creek. That's the spot.

What should I bring? We're outside, and sometimes the ground at No'Chimik is quite soft. Rubber boots might be a good idea, though outdoor shoes should be fine. Parents will want to bring lawn-chairs for yourself and siblings, and we strongly recommend flashlights. The sun sets early and the walk back to the car could be dark. Bring a mug too, we'll have hot chocolate and rice-krispie snacks for all.

What about my Beaver? Please bring your beaver in full uniform, we'll be formally welcoming them into their Colony. It would be a good idea to practice the Law, Promise, and Motto too, we've been working on these during our meetings, they are a part of the investiture ceremony. It's not uncommon for beavers to bring  along a campfire blanket too, to keep warm.

Can I carpool? Yes, please do. Parking shouldn't be a problem, but less cars making the round trip the better.

Don't forget your camera, we'll see you at No'Chimik on Tuesday.

A Colony Apple Day - 2012

UPDATE: Grand total of donations collected ...(drumroll)....just north of $2900!! A huge thank you to everyone in A Colony (Parents included!) who helped make this year a huge success!.

Apple Day 2012 Badges will be provided to all who helped out!
Apple day 2012 is almost here! Scouts of all levels have been participating in Apple Day activities in Canada for a very long time ....... in fact I remember going door to door as a Beaver and then Cub in Halifax, raising funds to support Scouting in Nova Scotia.

For the past couple of years, the good folks at Moncion's Independent have granted us permission to canvas in their store entrance. 2012 will be no different, A Colony will be joined by other local Beaver Colonies (And some Cub pack's) on Thursday October 11, and Friday October 12.

A Colony will be setup at Moncion's at 6PM through to 7:30PM, both nights. Just like a regular Tuesday meeting in our gym, we will be setup for Beaver sign in/out so you can drop off your child with us to participate in Apple Day. Hopefully you can find the time to join us on either or both nights, whichever fits into your family schedule best.

Don't forget, that we did some Apple day basket and tub decorating this week. We just got you started, the idea was that your Beaver can keep decorating at home.

Also, 1st Manotick is setting up on Saturday at St Jerome in the parking lot. If you would like to canvas the neighborhood, this is your chance. A Colony leaders may or may not be present on Saturday, so for this option Beavers are to be accompanied by a parents (i.e. no drop offs, no sign in/out required).  This link will provide more information about 1st Manotick's group effort.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week 3

Regular meeting in the Gym tonight.

We'll be prepping for Investiture next week, making some Apple-Day crafts, and breaking down our Colony into Lodges.

Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 Community Cleanup - Summary

Thanks to all who came out and supported our 2012 Community Cleanup this past Saturday. It was a huge success. Not only did we have many Beavers and Cub's helping, but some folks at the park offered to help us out too.

The highlight for me, was the funny look of frustration on some of our Beavers faces later in the day. We combed the park so well, that some folks had a hard time finding any trash to pick up. Sort of frustrating, but at the same time, kind of awesome. that's a clean park!

As a leading sponsor of the City of Ottawa's Cleaning the Capital initiative, a Rogers Community Cruiser showed up at around noon, with hot chocolate, coffee, and timbits for everyone. What a nice surprise that was.

Some pictures below, thank you once again to those who were able to join us.

The super clean forest, beside Mountain Meadows park

Smiles all around, thanks to free coffee and hot chocolate.

Almost 20 bags of trash, cleaned from our park.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 Community Cleanup

Who?: A Colony is 'hosting' our 2nd annual Community Cleanup. We've invited the parents and siblings of our Colony, to join us as we help "Take care of the world" right here in our own neighborhood. We have also extended the invitation to all of the other local Beaver colonies and Cub packs, so there should be a great turnout of scouters of all ages.

What? For the second year in a row, we've registered with the City of Ottawa's Cleaning the Capital program.
When? Saturday, September 29. We are asking for one (1) hour of help, between 10AM and 1PM. We know that family weekends are busy, we hope that asking for one hour of time any time within this 3 hour window will provide you with enough flexibility to be able to fit this into your day.

Where? We're setting up in the Mountain Meadows parking lot, off of Spratt Road here in Riverside South. We plan on cleaning the entire park, including the forested area in behind the retail strip, all the way to the fence line that separates the B.G.M. school yard from the park.

Why? Parks get messy, and Beavers like to help.

You may notice that this Saturday is also our Riverside South Community Association's, fall cleanup. It should be a busy day out in our neighborhood.

We will have cleaning supplies (Garbage bags, gloves, and paper compost bags) on site courtesy of the city program. As well as some juice boxes kindly donated by our friends at Moncion's YIG.

Please dress appropriately for spending an hour outside, closed toed shoes are recommended. Beaver hats are encouraged, full beaver uniforms are not required.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 2 Hike.

Click to enlarge
UPDATE: St Jerome is having a school BBQ tonight, and indicated to me late yesterday that we can't use the gym tonight. 

We'll meet in the parking lot instead, so please plan on being outside tonight rain or shine for not only the hike, but for opening and closing as well.


Hey Folks ..........We survived Week 1 together, I hope your Beaver had fun. In fact, if they did have fun :) I know they are going to enjoy Beavers with us this year. The first night is not always the most spectacularly interesting of all nights. Learning our proper opening and closing routines, as well as introducing our selves and each other takes up a lot of time in our short hour together, time that could be spent doing something awesome.

Going forward: More awesome, I promise.

This week in fact, should be pretty awesome. Weather permitting we'll be going on a quick hike around our neighborhood. Our route is pictured, we ask that you dress appropriately for an hour outside. A water bottle might be a good idea too. We'll be doing opening and closing in the Gym, so pick up and drop off are same time same place. If' it's raining, we'll have a plan B prepared for in the Gym.

This coming Saturday (Sept 29) is our first weekend A Colony event, our 2nd annual neighborhood cleanup. We're going to setup in the Mountain Meadows parking lot at 10AM, and we ask that you and your Beaver join us to help 'Clean the Capital.' We're only asking for 1 hour of help, and we will be setup between 10am and 1PM on Saturday, there should be plenty enough flexibility to find the time in your busy family calendar. This blog will be updated with more information in a dedicated post, later this week.

Help Required - Scouts Canada policy, states that we need to have up to date emergency contact and medical information with us for every youth member that attends any of our events (Like the cleanup this weekend). I'll be printing off your child's information as we have it on file today. I need to ask each of you to you please have a quick look to check for accuracy. Once confirmed, this paperwork  will be packed up and brought with A Colony everywhere we go.

That's it for now, See you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Opening Night 2012!

Quick update, our first meeting is tonight!

My apologies to any parents and beavers who may still be in the dark, we're doing our best to consolidate and balance in person and online registrations across 4 different 1st Manotick beaver colonies. As well, Scouts Canada's online system is new for this year, and there have been some challenges around Colony administration on that front as well.

Bare with us, (Hopefully) we'll see everybody tonight!

In other news, just yesterday some one new stepped forward to join our leadership team! "Many hands make light work" .....I'll have an introduction to make once we get through the leadership application process.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome Notice.

The below email was just sent to our current A Colony membership. Enrollment is not yet complete, and there are a couple of new youth to be added to our Colony, we'll have our membership firmed up prior to next Tuesday.


Hello Parents, just a quick welcome email from the volunteer leadership team of your 1st Manotick Beavers, A Colony.

I'm going to jump around a little and put most of this into Q/A bullet points to save from writing a book, but I feel that it is important for all of us to get off on the right foot, to provide everybody with the same answer to most of the common questions. At the bottom, I'll be providing links to help find more answers as well.

Leadership - Today, we have 4 leaders. I was an A Colony leader last year and have taken over as our Colony 'Contact Leader' from Guy "Ringtail" L'Anglais who has moved on to a Cub Pack this year to continue Scouting with his youngest son. Returning to lead A Colony with me, are Bill Coleman, and Melissa Collins, who were also both part of our leadership group last year. New to A Colony is Sarah Strickey - the four of us make up your Beaver's leadership team. On behalf of all four of us, Welcome to A Colony :)

NOTE: Due to the fact that we have fewer volunteer leaders this year than in other years, A Colony is going to be slightly smaller to maintain proper ratio. Scouts Canada has a policy in place that stipulates that we can not exceed 5 youth to every leader, so with 4 leaders we are capped at 20 youth. ..........As you can see we're a little short on parent volunteers this year, if you are at all interested in stepping up and joining us ~please let me know. It is unfortunate that we have had to turn away youth in the neighborhood for lack of volunteer Colony leaders.

First Meeting? Tuesday September 18 in the St Jerome School Gymnasium. We meet from 6:15 to 7:15 every Tuesday. We'll be providing you with a calendar shortly so you can plan your family calendars accordingly.

Uniforms? Available online or at the Scout Shop on Baseline Road (Link below). Your beaver will require a vest, and a hat to be in proper Beaver dress for our weekly meetings. In a couple of weeks, we will be providing your beaver with his Colony Neckerchief and slide to complete his uniform. If you want to pick up a Beavers T-shirt that is available also, please go ahead, but it is not required for our weekly meetings (Beavers can wear whatever T-shirt they like under their vests). As our meetings do take place in a Gym, we like to have some big games and activities from week to week. Please send your Beaver with indoor shoes as well.

The Uniforms look different? Last year all Scouts Canada uniforms were refreshed, so you might notice a slight change from the old light brown vests and 2 tone hats to the new darker brown vests and blue bucket hats. Either style is welcome for our meetings.

Additional Costs? Between now and May, we'll be keeping your Beaver quite busy. Certain 'extra curricular' events will have a nominal cost associated with them. Camping trips, sleepovers, special events that occur outside of our weekly meetings might have an additional cost for participation.

Fundraising? There are 2 major initiatives in the Scouts Canada program plan for Beavers, that directly fund and benefit our Colony. Apple day, and Popcorn sales. You will be hearing more about both of these soon, and I will break down exactly how both programs impact the quality programming that we plan to deliver for your Beaver.

More information? We have a blog (Link below) and will use it to keep everyone on the same page. is our Colony catch all email, that ends up in my inbox. I'm typically quick to return emails, please let me know if you have any questions. > Our blog. > Scouts Canada, programs overview. the bottom of that page, there is a 'SHOP' link, where you can purchase your uniforms online. > St Jerome Catholic School, this is where we meet every Tuesday at 6:15 > Scouts Canada HQ, also the home of theScouts shop where you can buy the Beaver uniform.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to meeting everyone Next Tuesday!

Dan Auns - Contact Leader
1st Manotick A Colony Beavers
613.327.23028 - Cell

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 / 2013 Welcome

Just a quick formal Hello via our blog, welcoming everyone to a new year of Scouting.  Beavers who are already enrolled, will be hearing from us later this week via email with more info as we fill out our Colony registration numbers.

Our first meeting will be on September 18, at 6:15PM in the gymnasium at St Jerome.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Registration Between 14th June and 10th September

For all those who want to register their sons/daughters in Scouting with 1st Manotick who missed the June registration date. We are pleased to announce that you can now register online through .

Simplified steps are here 

Our next face to face registration evening will be on the 10th of September at the Rideauview Community Centre from 7-8 pm

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

4th June - Registration

Registration for youth in the scouting program of 1st Manotick

Date: 4th June
time : 7pm - 8 pm
Location: Rideau view Community Centre
Cost: $185

Please come with a form filled out.
Cheques are made payable depending on which Section your son/daughter joins.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

29th May: End of Year party

Details have been sent out by email
Cost: 5$ per beaver
Time: 6-8pm
Location: See email for details

22 May : Pirate night

Theme tonight is Pirate Night where the beavers will
- play some pirate games
- Make  a Pirate hat
- Wield a pirate 'sword'

See you tonight !

Friday, May 11, 2012

15 May:Swim up Ceremony

Please let Ringtail know how many will be attending so we can get the BBQ numbers right

Monday, May 7, 2012

8 May- Mer Bleue Hike

We are meeting this week at Parking lot 22 for a hike (Rain or shine)
Map is here

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 May Scout Trees

We will be local in RSS
 1 - Local tree planting event being run locally
      from 9am till 11 am
     At: Dusty Miller Crescent in Riverside South
Time : 9am-11am

1 May : Bridge Night

Tonight Beavers will be playing/learning about bridges.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

27-28 April - White tail Camp at AppleHill

Our white tails had a fabulous time at the Odawa Area Camp held on the 27-29 April

Thanks to Tic-Tc, Rusty & Grizzley for taking the White tails to camp
Part of A Colony at Apple Hill 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

24 April : Campfire at St-Jeromes

Change of Plans... Campfire is now back at St-Jeromes. Parent volunteers needed as we are short 2 leaders.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

17 Apr - Obstacle course night

We will be both inside and outside for this event... please dress accordingly.

Monday, April 9, 2012

10 Apr - Drive-in Movie Night

Beavers are to come in the cars they made last week for a Drive-in Movie

Monday, March 26, 2012

27 March: Meeting at normal location

Heads up that we won't be able to visit the Humane Society for this mtg. Meet at regular place

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6 March : Knotty or Nice Night

Meet at St-Jeromes where mtg will include games relating to knots and knot tying.

Monday, February 27, 2012

28 February : Skating Night

We will be skating TOnight at rink beside SMPS

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

21 Feb: Baden Powell Night: 6:30pm - 8pm

Just a reminder that we are meeting tonight from 6:30 - 8pm at St Francis Xavier High School .

Parents are invited to stay and find out more about the program

Saturday, February 18, 2012

18-19 Feb: Baxter Winter Camp

Beavers had a great time with all sorts of activities including
Snowshoeing, Bird Feeder Craft, Lantern craft, Campfire, Scouts Own, Snowforts, Capture the flag, Movie & Popcorn, Sledding

Monday, February 13, 2012

14 Feb: Beaver Buggy racing @ ST-FX

Just a reminder that we will be racing our Beaver Buggies on tuesday at ST-FX!

We are sharing the Gym with C pack (Cubs) of 1st Manotick.

Time: 6:15 - 7:15
Where: Gym (where the stage is , there are 2 Gym's in St FX ! )

Reminder: It's Bring a Friend Night.

Don't forget to bring your Beaver Buggy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

8th Feb 2012: White tails Link with A Pack

White tails linked with A Pack to race their Beaver Buggies at the same time as the Cubs raced their Kub Kars

Monday, February 6, 2012

7 Feb - Beaver Buggy Building

Plan for this night is to Build our Beaver Buggies with a Pit stop Relay

Sunday, January 29, 2012

1 Feb: SnowShoeing

Confirmed : This tuesday we are snowshoeing with the Cubs from A Pack

We will meet in the Bernard Grand Maitre Car Park

Monday, January 23, 2012

24th Jan: Snowforts

We won't be skating tonight given the weather !!
But we are meeting outside by the School for a 'Build a Snowfort night'

Meeting location: St-Jeromes School main entrance

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

17 Jan: Sledding tonight is still on ...

We are supposed to be sledding tonight at 4 Seasons park.

As of 4 PM the weather is still looking Good!

See you in the Car park of 4 Seasons to sign in