Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 13 - White Tail Sleepover

For our White Tail beavers who have indicated they are going to the sleepover at the Science and Technology museum, here is what you need to know:

Beavers are required to bring: 
  • Pajamas, Stuffed animal & Toiletry items
  • Sleeping Bag, Pillow and Flashlight
  • Pad to sleep on
  • Clothing
Your Beaver is NOT allowed to bring any food into the museum, and heeleys are not allowed either.  Please also leave any electronics at home.

Food for the Sleepover is:
  • Evening Snack: Rice Krispie Squares and Apple/Orange Juice
  • Breakfast: Juice, Cereal, or Muffin, Fruit (Tea/Coffee for adults)
Please feed your Beaver supper before the event and have them in full uniform. 

Arrive at the museum by 6:00pm, and come to the Group entrance.  Pick up time Saturday morning is 8:45 am.

In case of emergency, you can reach me at 613-894-6276 or you can call the Museum Emergency Phone Number: 613-991-3100.

For all the other younger beavers, this is something you can look forward to when you become a white tail!  It happens every year early November.  Keep watching, I will post some photos afterwards to let you know how much fun we had!