Monday, May 20, 2013

May 21 - End of Year Funhaven Party!!

Hey folks, we talked about this with the Colony last week ..........the excitement was obvious :)

It's end of year party time, and last year was so much fun we doing it at Funhaven again. If you need directions (it's behind IKEA, off of Pinecrest) click on the 'Visit' tab on their website.

Pizza and drinks will be served. Our group booking is from 6PM - 7:30.

Direct from Funhaven, here are some points to keep in mind.
  • Socks are a health and safety requirement of our Jungle Gym/Ballocity area. Please ensure your group all have socks, or they will be available for purchase at the facility for $2 per pair.
  • Running shoes are a safety requirement for the Climbing Wall, and will definitely make your Laser Tag experience more comfortable! 
  • Guests need to be taller than 44 inches to ride the Bumper Cars, and they need to weigh more than 45lbs to experience the Climbing Wall.
NOTE: Swim up BBQ is in Claudette Cain park Wed night. I'll post more details in another post.

For those of you camping with us this coming weekend- expect a blog post on Wed night to talk through the details.

See you tomorrow!!