Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 2 Hike.

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UPDATE: St Jerome is having a school BBQ tonight, and indicated to me late yesterday that we can't use the gym tonight. 

We'll meet in the parking lot instead, so please plan on being outside tonight rain or shine for not only the hike, but for opening and closing as well.


Hey Folks ..........We survived Week 1 together, I hope your Beaver had fun. In fact, if they did have fun :) I know they are going to enjoy Beavers with us this year. The first night is not always the most spectacularly interesting of all nights. Learning our proper opening and closing routines, as well as introducing our selves and each other takes up a lot of time in our short hour together, time that could be spent doing something awesome.

Going forward: More awesome, I promise.

This week in fact, should be pretty awesome. Weather permitting we'll be going on a quick hike around our neighborhood. Our route is pictured, we ask that you dress appropriately for an hour outside. A water bottle might be a good idea too. We'll be doing opening and closing in the Gym, so pick up and drop off are same time same place. If' it's raining, we'll have a plan B prepared for in the Gym.

This coming Saturday (Sept 29) is our first weekend A Colony event, our 2nd annual neighborhood cleanup. We're going to setup in the Mountain Meadows parking lot at 10AM, and we ask that you and your Beaver join us to help 'Clean the Capital.' We're only asking for 1 hour of help, and we will be setup between 10am and 1PM on Saturday, there should be plenty enough flexibility to find the time in your busy family calendar. This blog will be updated with more information in a dedicated post, later this week.

Help Required - Scouts Canada policy, states that we need to have up to date emergency contact and medical information with us for every youth member that attends any of our events (Like the cleanup this weekend). I'll be printing off your child's information as we have it on file today. I need to ask each of you to you please have a quick look to check for accuracy. Once confirmed, this paperwork  will be packed up and brought with A Colony everywhere we go.

That's it for now, See you on Tuesday.