Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5, 2013 - Race Night!

I'd love to say that it is a regular old meeting in the Gym tonight, but it is going to be far from regular.

It's Beaver Buggy race night! We'll be racing our buggies on big awesome tracks tonight all night. Please be sure to remember to bring your decorated Buggy (and indoor shoes, the usual)!!

We will have a 'Buggy Pit' setup, where we can make any last minute fixes and/or adjustments, like adding weight.

Remember ..........buggies race on tracks, do not modify the bottom of your car in any way. You risk dragging the center rail if your car runs low. Nothing can stick out the sides past the wheels either, or they will interfere with the car in the next lane.

Beavers ............Take your marks! Get set!!......GO!!!