Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring update

Just a couple of quick things to communicate, to keep everyone on the same page.

May 21 is our last Colony meeting. We will also have an end of year party of sorts that we'll talk more about shortly.

I would also ask that you please make sure that your Beaver does not bring anything extra to our weekly meetings. When one little guy has a favorite hot wheel car, or lego man, or whatever extra something in hand to fiddle with creates a distraction.

We're also noticing the energy level in the room is increasing, might be the time change or shifting seasons. We're going to try to plan more active games to take advantage of that vibe, most of our recent sit down games and crafts have lost focus quickly. Beavers are busy, we'll do more busy too.

This Tuesday, we're also going to have a small investiture ceremony for our 3 new Beavers (John, Noah, and Cameron) and 2 leaders. We'll run through our Law, Promise and Motto as a group as well.

To our White tails, I've reached out to our local Cub pack to see if we can get some more linking activities in the calendar as well.

 ...........are any of you on Facebook? I shared a picture of our beaver buggies night with Scouts Canada, and they shared it too!! Fun to see our little guys efforts recognized.