Friday, March 28, 2014

Beavers, Here and There! at 6:15! Movie at St. Jerome

Tuesday, April 1st all White Tails (Grade 2) Beavers will be joining the other 1st Manotick White Tails for a very special wood working craft. As this is quite a complex activity as many parents as possible who can stay to help would be appreciated! All of our other Beavers (SK and Grade1) will be at St FX High School gym on Spratt Rd (just past the RBC and LCBO plaza) at 6:30 6:15 pm for "transportation night". Bring a large box to decorate as a "car"- ideally large enough to sit in. The following Tuesday (April 8) we will all meet at St.FX St. Jerome for a drive-in movie night with all the local Beavers! Bring your decorated boxes. White Tails can make their "car" at home or bring a blanket to enjoy the show. Thanks!