Friday, October 12, 2012

Humane Society Visit

UPDATE: We had a fantastic visit. The OHS was very grateful for our unexpected generosity, the donations were very much appreciated. Awesome night A Colony, this should speak for itself;


This week, we are going on a tour of the Humane Society! We'll be learning a little bit about animal care and about the important services that the OHS provides in our community.

The cost is $5/person. We will be providing Timbits and juice boxes for everyone after the tour. The tour starts at 6, and should wrap up at 7:30 or so.

For those who have not been, they have an awesome new facility on Hunt Club Road, clicking this link will open a new Google Maps window, that will help you get there..

Is anyone is interested in carpooling? Let me know. We could sort out a collection/drop off at St Jerome if needed, departing as a group at 5:45 or so.

The Wishlist: In their own words, "The animals at the OHS need your support; your donations of money and in-kind gifts of supplies and equipment are essential to our work in the community." .....If you or your Beaver would like to contribute anything to the OHS, please bring it along too. As a result of our Neighborhood Cleanup, we have a lot of cleaning supplies that we are going to donate. Anything else would be appreciated, but not required.

Budget update on this one too, because it cost us money to attend. We collected $90, and the OHS charged us $66. I spent $23.04 on cookies and juice boxes. The balance will be deposited in the Colony account.