Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 23 - Mer Bleue hike

Together with both other local Beaver Colonies, we'll be meeting at the Mer Bleue Conservation area next week (Edit: TONIGHT! April 23), for our nature walk in this incredible local ecosystem. If you are not familiar with this spot, please have a look at the below NCC video.

Please dress appropriately, we'll be out there rain or shine. We'll be following a 1 km walking trail that is made up of mostly wooden boardwalk, though rain boots are highly recommended. As it is a bit of a distance from our neighborhood, we encourage parents and siblings to join us too.

On your commute to Mer Bleue next week, can I ask that you please reinforce to your Beaver a couple of very important rules that we must adhere to:
  • We absolutely must stay on the trails. This area is a protected wetland that is home to many endangered species. As most of the low growth vegetation is still quite dormant, and leaf cover is sparse, it is tempting for little guys to venture off the well marked trails - Please reinforce to your Beaver that this is not to be tolerated.
  • The buddy system. We'll be a large group (3 local Beaver Colonies, and associated siblings, leaders and parents) and to reduce the risk of your kiddo experiencing an unplanned solo survival sleepover .... we'll be pairing up our Colony.
This walk was one of my personal highlights form last year, I am already looking forward to next week tonght. See you at Mer Bleue!

Click here for Google Map's directions from St Jerome's to Mer Bleue.