Monday, April 29, 2013

April 30 2013 - Campfire!

Hey Folks - Quick Tuesday morning update.

Regular meeting in our Gym tonight - as you can see were had a campfire planned, but due to rain and overcast, it's not the best night for that.

See you in the Gym @ 6:15 :)

We've been invited to join D Colony this week out at Camp No'Chimik for a campfire - Awesome!

For those who are not familiar, check out my blog post from earlier in the year when we did our Investiture Ceremony ......directions and site information all provided there.

We will have some rice crispy treats to snack on. We will not be providing drinks, but please feel free to bring along a thermos or travel mug as you see fit.

If you would like help setting up some carpooling to shuffle beavers and families to No'Chimik, please be in touch via email. I'll do my best to connect those in need with empty seats.

See you at No'Chimik!