Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012, A look back.

So that was the first half of our Beaver year folks, we've got a quick break here and will be back with regular A Colony programming on January 8th.

As a first year Colony Contact Leader, I really did not know what to expect heading into this year. Having the support of 4 other awesome volunteer leaders has made somewhat light work, of a workload that I can now admit that I had grossly underestimated. It really is a lot of work pulling the programming together week after week. The top down paperwork and administrative requirements required by Scouts Canada, to ensure that our programming and activities are within their guidelines. Add to that fundraising, and a budget, and Council meetings, and you have what adds up to many evenings and weekends 'Scouting' from home.

All the hard work, is well compensated. Seeing our now close to 20 Beavers busy week after week, with smiling faces and lots of new stories to tell, is very fulfilling. My blue tail beaver looks forward to Beavers every week, and I get the feeling that he is not alone.

Here are some photo's that I have taken at some of our more notable events this year. I hope you and your Beaver look forward to getting going again in January, we're planning on rolling some of your ideas and feedback into our program to ensure that we continue to provide your Beavers with a safe and fun scouting experience.

Visit to the Humane Society

Halloween Party

Reading "Friends of the Forest"

Visit to our local Fire Station

Community clean up.