Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Feedback Please

Hey Folks, with an eye towards providing a fun night of meaningful programming - Our A Colony leadership team needs your feedback.

From a parents perspective, how are we doing? We do our best to plan each week's activities within the requirements of Scouts Canada Beaver program guidelines. As a parent, what do you think? Was there a meeting where your child came out a little deflated, not overly thrilled about that weeks activities? Or the opposite, was there a meeting that was so much fun your child did not stop talking about it for the rest of the week? ...........what can you share with us? Please let us know.

Speaking on behalf of your children, do you have any program feedback from your Beavers? Most of our youth seem to be comfortable, and have gotten over the initial butterflies of hanging out in a gym with 5 new adults in their routine. Lots of Beavers provide feedback each night sometimes, and it is not hard to judge if an activity or craft is not holding their attention during our meetings. What has your child talked to you about?

Our colony email address is firstmanotickbeaversacolony@gmail.com we would like to hear a quick something from every A Colony Family, so that we can tweak our meetings a little to ensure maximum fun, for all. Thank you in advance for your time, we appreciate your time helping us with this request.